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The story about Nancy Todd Tyner - Queen of Diamonds

Now, for once I´ll write a few lines in English, since I'm going to tell you about a very dear and special friend of mine, Nancy Todd Tyner from Las Vegas. Her blog is right here!

Some few of my friends reading this knows that I've actually done some poker for a while, and Nancy is among many other things one of the worlds most skilled pokerplayers. While I've been playing for some few bucks at Internet, she won the World Poker Tour for ladies 2008, for instance.

Now we meet annually due - not to poker - but to the fact we´re colleagues in the noble art of communication. Those yearly meetings of IAPC in strange places as recently in Panama, give´s an inspiring possibility to learn from some of the most skilled advisers in the field of politics and communication you could ever think of. I have told the fantastic great story about Evy Dubrow here in this blog earlier, to inspire all of us who care for the unions and the workers rights.

And the founders of all this (42 years ago...) are two amazing friends, now getting to old to join us in those meetings unfortunately - namely Joe Napolitan (he was among many other things the speachwriter to John F Kennedy.) and Michel Bongrand, very French, very special and he among many other things is a former RAF-flyer since he had to leave France in the war, member of the resistance-movement. He was one of those allied soldiers (parachuter at that time) that opened the gates of Dachau, and that is a story he actually never been able to talk about. Those memories are to difficult. Guys from all countries and each with special skills, some left-wing, some right-wing, but all committed to serve democracy by sharing knowledge and experience.

Yes, I think you get the picture...

Nancy really is the opposite of me. I know of nobody but her capable of going to Panama, leaving it with not one or two hats the typical Panamastyle, but 15. She has a spectacular clothing, always, and is a very kind, generous and sharing person. I like that mix of vanity and intelligent generosity.
(I, on the other hand, would have been in my jeans around the clock, every minute of the day if just was allowed to, not caring a bit about makeup or jewellery or so.)

Despite we are so extremely different, I like Nancy and I reckon she likes me to, we have some fun, we learn some, and those ongoing talks just continues where we left it a year ago.

So now I realized that she´s got this blog. "But I don´t know how to put pictures in it!"

And typically she sent me this amazing picture and with it a short story:

I see some weird sights. I played poker one day with a guy IN 120 DEGREE WEATHER, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk outside, and this guy is wearing a ski mask the entire time. And he was Asian and maybe 90 pounds, maybe, littlier than me, and he's got on more gear than what he weighs.

Thanks Nancy, here is your picture!

Also, don´t miss to visit the Hayden Scholarship-site, and read the sad sad story about Nancys fight against the US medical system to save the life of her son Hayden, and other children to follow him.

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