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Mass murder in Burma. Death toll could be 600 000

Increasing smell of Death and Destruction, where the water slowly turns back to the sea or intertwines with the soil, is reported from the Irrawaddy delta where people now desperatly tries to survive.
Dead bodies and rotten cadavers of buffaloes and no survivors there to bury them. No help in sight. Families trying to survive on a few pots of rice, food supplies was destroyed. Those scenes now reported as eyewitnesses struggling for their lifes enters the Rangoon area and other cities connected to the surrounding world.

Those reports will get worse. Just guesses and a few reports still from the area where no roads are left. Huge areas only possible to reach by sea, boats, or by air.
New figures etimate the death toll to be 600 000, but those figures are not confirmed. More balanced reports from International aid-organisiations however now counts the death tolls to be more than 180 000.
Sources: Mizzima News, and Irrawaddy figures from 10 may.

If this turns out to be true, the catastrophy in Burma is the worst in mankind history as we know it.

Next step is predicted to be worse if help and experts are blocked from entering the country. Diseases spread by mosquitous, sanitary problems and severe difficulties to find food, fresh water and housing is probably already the case. As I write this post, I took a short glance at Google earth weather report, finding that another cyclon rapidly is approaching the very same area. The weather now is probably bad enough, but if this second cyclone also hits ground where Nargis swept away - well.

Outside the boarder:
A World waiting to enter Burma with help. Prohibited by the regime because they with the most callous attitude continued today with the so called referendum, in areas that wasn´t hit by the cyklone.
Massive cheating and low turnout reported, just as expected. Violence, threats and all sorts of cheating, some fresh reports about todays voting can be read here. Maybe the Junta don´t want the world to see and report about it. How many dead is it worth? 100 000? 500 000? More?

This makes the regime responsible of mass murder. And so is every single person responsible of his actions of killing, beating and rejecting help to survivors of the catastrophy.

The junta obviously abandoned their own people, leaving them to die. It is now time for the international community to export those generals to ICCt in Haag to face a fair trial and hopefully a long, long time behind bars. They definitly are responsible for crime against humanity article 7.

History judged some murderers of this dignity before. Their names are sometimes forgotten, but their doings are not.
Nor will they be forgiven but forever despised.
In the book of history their names are written in dishonour with the blood of their own daughters and sons, as simple thiefs, simple murderers and cheaters.
Hyenas of man.

Democracy Organiser beaten to Death during Interrogation
Amongst the names to remember is Ko Ohn Kyaw, who was killed by the prison-squad as the cyclone hit Rangoon saturday one week ago.

He was an Organizing Committee member of the National League for Democracy of Rangoon Division, Dawbon Township was bludgeoned to death in the Insein prison after the prison precincts caught fire when cyclone Nargis lashed Burma.
Ko Ohn Kyaw was accused of organizing a jailbreak and was beaten to death during rigorous interrogation.

The Prime minister-in-exile pleads for International help

"We are running out of time. A tsunami of death from epidemics, including cholera, malaria, malnutrition and starvation is hitting Burma at this very moment. So we want the help from the international community now. "
—Burmese Prime Minister-in-exile, Sein Win

Stolen aid Boxes relabelled by Junta Generals
International aid boxes distributed to Burmese citizens prominently carry the names of the junta’s top generals.
That is what the junta did with the stolen goods from UN Aid the day before yesterday.

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