lördag, maj 10, 2008

Keeping an eye open for Burma

The only reason why I write this in english is because I want to be sure that the regime of Burma - in case passing by this blog - shall know that a whole World is watching:

At least 100 000 dead and the numbers seemes to increase. At least 1 miljon homeless. More bad weather heading towards Myanmar - Burma.

And the regime is blocking all efforts to help the people of Burma, now even robbing food from two aircrafts in Rangoon sent by the UN and expeled one aeroplane with experts, medicin and material sent from Qatar.

Instead of food, medical treatment, electricity, healthcare, fresh water and tents the regime gives away some dvd-players and televisionsets. 36 prisoners are shot dead and another 70 injured by soldiers, instead of soldiers helping their people.

The so called referrundum is to be held saturday despite that people are dying in the biggest disaster in Burmese history.

The world is watching. We hear the rage of the Burmese people and we never sleep, because solidarity never goes to sleep.

Friends are watching and we wait restlessly to help the people of Burma.

The regime is paving it´s way to selfdestruction. Justice is blind and fair. And she never sleeps either.

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